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COVID-19 Update: A Message from our CEO 5/14/20
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    Welcome to the O'Charley's website. It's not nearly as tasty as our restaurants, but just as friendly. When you visit an O'Charley's, you'll not only get downright delicious food at a great value, you'll find we have values. You could call it Southern Hospitality. You could call it hospitality. Just depends on which O'Charley's location you're visiting.

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  • General FAQ

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    • Donations

      At O'Charley's we are committed to supporting the communities we serve.  We are proud to be partnered with several organizations benefiting the fight against hunger, children, health/welfare, diversity and education/arts. Because of our extensive involvement, all requests must be submitted in writing and meet our community giving policy. 

      If you would like O'Charley's to consider donating to your organization or program, and your request meets our company's community giving policy, please mail your written request with all of your contact information to your local O'Charley's, at least 8 weeks in advance.

      To submit your request for a charitable donation, please send your written proposal to:
      O'Charley's Bar and Grill
      ATTN: O'Charley's Marketing Department
      3038 Sidco Drive
      Nashville, TN 37204

    • Because of volume, we cannot accept direct requests or inquiries by telephone. All requests for cash or in-kind donations are reviewed on an ongoing basis. Still have questions? Please contact our guest relations team at

    • Do you have a birthday club?

      We sure do! Your birthday is a big deal at O'Charley's!  Our O'CLUB members each receive a special gift for their birthday.  Just use the link below to join and you will begin receiving special offers on your birthday and the whole year through.

    • How do I sign up for coupons or special offers?

      We wish every question was this easy!  Just use the link to join our O'CLUB and you will begin receiving great offers right away. Join here

    • Do you offer coupons?

      Though we do periodically offer coupons via several different avenues, the people who receive coupons regularly are our O'Club members.  If you'd like to sign up, you'll receive weekly offers, specials and promotional information. Join here

    • Why are you remodeling our O'Charley's / why is our O'Charley's closed?

      We never stop trying to improve and we are remodeling your O'Charley's to make it even better.  We do hope you'll give us the privilege of being our guest once we reopen. Still have questions? Please contact our guest relations team at

    • Will you be building an O'Charley's where I live?

      If you want us there, we want to be there! Contact us and we'll pass your request on to our construction and development department.

    • How can I find my closest O'Charley's?

      Whether you're at home, at work or on a road trip, you're only one quick click away. Visit our locations page at

    • How do I get my favorite recipe?

      Due to legal binding agreements, we are unable to disclose any proprietary information regarding our recipes and ingredients. We're hoping that you'll come join us at your favorite O'Charley's and enjoy your favorite entrée soon! Still have questions? Please contact our guest relations team at

    • Why did my favorite entrée disappear from the menu?

      We are constantly listening to what our guests tell us they like and are adding new choices and unique flavors to satisfy our guests cravings for something new and delicious. Sometimes when we add new favorites we take away an item or two to make room for the next new tasty opportunity. Look for the green text to find all of the New and Signature items on the O'Charley's menu here

  • Nutrition FAQ

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    • Do you have any items safe for someone with a nut allergy?

      If you have very severe allergies, the possibility of cross contamination in our kitchen is definitely present. We have numerous menu items that include nuts in their preparation. In addition to those, all of our pies are prepared at a facility that makes many different pies, some which include nuts and tree nuts. The fact that those items are a staple in our kitchen would increase the possibility of cross contamination. The likelihood of a problem would depend on the severity of your allergies. We also have an online reference to some of the most common allergens here

    • Do you have gluten free menu options?

      We have some great gluten free options, just follow the link below to see a complete list for each item. Note you can toggle different allergens on and off. Hope we get the pleasure of serving you a great gluten-free meal soon! View the allergen listing here

    • Is there MSG in any of your menu items?

      We have some great MSG free options, just follow the link below to see a complete list for each item. Note you can toggle different allergens on and off. Hope we get the pleasure of serving you a great MSG-free meal soon! View the allergen listing here

    • Do you have any low sodium menu items?

      Follow the link below, to see the nutritional listing, including sodium, for all of our menu items

  • Franchise FAQ

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  • Gift Card FAQ

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    • Does O'Charley's sell gift cards?

      Yes, gift cards can be purchased in our restaurants. We also have purchase options online for standard gift cards and for immediate satisfaction virtual gift cards. Gift cards can be purchased here

    • How do I check how much money is on my O'Charley's gift card?

      You can quickly and easily check your balance here

    • How long does it take for Standard gift cards to arrive?

      Personalize your message with our standard gift cards and send to any address using your choice of delivery methods. Gift card orders are shipped via US Postal-First Class Mail and can take up to 10 business days to receive. As with all online purchasing there are several options to speed up delivery that come with a fee. Purchase Standard gift cards here

    • Do you have virtual gift cards?

      Yes, choose one of our own designs or upload your own to celebrate a variety of occasions. You can have them delivered instantly or arrange for them to arrive on a specific date. And best of all, there are no shipping charges. Purchase virtual cards here

  • Career FAQ

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    • How can I get a job at O'Charley's

      We're glad you're interested in becoming a team member. We have great opportunities for managers, servers, kitchen positions, behind the bar and at our corporate headquarters. Just follow the link to get started